Monday, October 17, 2011

Why Rush?

WE traveled down south Saturday for a family get together, and pumpkin day with Grandma Sandy and all the crew. Although when we reach our destination with the girls we are glad we came, and have a good time, getting there is always a chaotic process.
Like any trip down to Salina, we leave with the plan to come home the same day. Down and back, is the motto and although we always end up staying longer then initially planned, we always stick to the game plan.
HOWEVER, this time... I woke up with a thought in mind, and found out it is true that your day is set with the thoughts you put out. I woke up Saturday at 6a.m. to Aaron telling me I needed to get going. I think I looked at him with the "one eye" stare/glare that said "I don't think so". All I did was snuggle up to him and sigh as I thought "why rush?" Well that is exactly how the rest of the morning and day went... a "LA TEE DA" sorta mood. Although I got up at 7:30, and didn't stop the entire time, we didn't leave the house until nearly 11, and we had to be in Glenwood by noon. wasn't happening, even IF we could go as fast as we wanted, especially beings Utah has to be doing road construction on every road in the state all at once!
It all works out though, we arrived safe, but not all in one piece. The little 3 were all a mess again, and I now have officially decided that doing their hair before traveling a distance does you no good & I will for forever now on, get them dressed, and WAIT till we reach said destination, this will cut down on A LOT of time wasted.
We had our traditional casserole in a pumpkin meal together, & let the fun begin. I had decided after contemplating what would be best for 30min, to sneak off while every one finished up lunch, & prepared to go onto the pumpkin patch there in Elsinore. I headed instead to meet up with my mom in Monroe where she was taking care of some things with my grandparents. We decided to talk over lunch, & took our time doing it. I felt rushed because I knew my kids and husband were going to be having fun getting pumpkins, and what if I missed a moment, but at the same time, I just didn't wanna rush moments and time anymore. So, I just let go off it all, and enjoyed the moment I was in. Works out tons better this way always.
I had intended to make it to the pumpkin patch before they left, but I didn't make it & I'll leave out the part where I tried but ended up southbound on I-70 somehow. BLAH! It all turns out though. I missed out on the entire pumpkin patch with m y girls, but I got a good visit with my brother Chad, and Grandma Lloyd. She's so funny & stubborn. She is so confused as to where she is at, and when she is going home. Chad and I convinced her she must be staying in a huge mansion. A caregiver kept passing by her room, and she'd say "who is that lady that keeps walking by, is she the wife? she's probably wondering why all these people are taking over her house" LOL! She also kept insisting Chad was hungry, and needed a sandwich. When we were little and even after we were grown, if we visited, she always felt the need to feed anyone who was there...this apparently has not stopped with her age cause she still worries over it. Chad kept telling her "Grandma I'm fine, I ate already" Grandma blurts out "OH BOLONY" Chad with his wit, came back and said "THATS right Grandma, I had a bolony sandwich" She laughed with her "your such a smartass" look on her face. IT was great seeing her, she looks so much better then she did before & a bonus visit with my brother made it even better. I left her room, & went directly to my Grandma and Grandpa Wheelers room, and said a quick hi and bye small conversation with them, and headed back to Sandy's where everyone was meeting back up to now carve their pumpkins they had gotten. I didn't want to miss that too, so I had to go. The whole way over to Glenwood I just kept thinking that this is the very thing I hate every time we our down south to visit or be at a family get together, is the rush! Go here, go there, run in, run out, never enough time, & we always leave feeling guilty, tired, & not looking forward to the next time even though we enjoy the time spent, its just never enough, and someone always get short changed, and we have to split up, its all just stupid. I had decided I'd bring up the possibility of just staying the night, and putting an end to the rush at least for this visit.
All my thoughts quickly stopped when I got back to Glenwood and walked in to a sea of pumpkins, and little kids busily working on their creation. Some painting, some carving, but everyone was doing something. Derian had decided to paint her pumpkin up like her "6th grade theme character" COOKIE MONSTER, and it just went from there. Ash did Elmo, & we were just one big Sesame Street bunch. I'll have to take a picture once we finish up the details on their faces.
The kids had a great time, as they always do. My girls enjoy their time with their cousins, which doesn't happen often enough it seems. It was getting later after we got everything cleaned up & after everyone left to head over to Michael & Grandpa Keiths for dinner we sat down & discussed staying or going. Why does one simple question that only requires a "yes" or "no" answer take so much thought and contemplating? If we decide to go home it means rushing over to say good bye to my parents quickly, and over to Redmond to hurry and eat with the rest of Aarons family, & then head back to Payson. If we stay, we take the "rush" out of it, & enjoy some time with family members that we don't get to see often enough these days. So, instead of rushing here and there to fit everyone in, we did decide to stay and take in more. It worked out great.
We left & headed over to my parents house where both my sisters were there, & of course had a good laugh. There's always shock therapy for them two when I'm around. I let it be known to them in a very blunt way after waiting for the perfect opportunity that in fact I have NOT had a booby job. I love watching their faces turn a million shades of red, although it don't take much for that to happen with those two, just the mention of "booby" outta my mouth & they instantly think "O NO, what is she going to" NO! I did not expose myself, all I had to do was start to pretend to pull my awesome bra out from underneath my shirt and they run off holding hands screaming NO NO, put it away. Mom and I got a good laugh over this one... she'd been waiting sense lunch for me to give them shock therapy. Phewwwww glad we got that cleared up, lol. Never a dull moment.
Back to Glenwood we headed to let the kids have a sleepover with their cousins from Mesquite. It was a very loud house, & there Aaron and I were in the middle of all the little bodies spread all over the living room. We ended up making it to a bed about 1a.m. after the last of them finally fell asleep. Morning came to quick, but we got up & got moving, & headed for our last stop in Redmond to see Michael and Grandpa Keith. We had a good visit with both of them, & it felt nice just to sit & talk as long as we wanted to.
The decision to not rush & enjoy just spending time with family was the best decision. We still didn't get to see everyone & I don't think its ever enough time, but at least when you learn to take the rush out of things you take in more & just overall enjoy the time spent so much better. We ended up leaving our visit, unlike other visits, feeling at ease and in a better mood. Lessen in it all: DON'T RUSH through anything, make the time to enjoy every moment your in!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ok, SO this time I am SERIOUS~

So now that I actually have a computer that is working, I thought I'd try and update the blog, and start doing this again.  Sense social technology is the only way I can stay in contact with my family, I guess I should participate :)
NO, I am not quitting facebook, its still my main squeeze.  I love it, u know it, Aaron knows it, & I know it.  Its my daily newspaper spiced up with a little bit of drama and entertainment.  However, I do love journal-ing and you all know I'm long winded, so what a perfect place to express myself even more on topics, family events, etc.
A quick cap on the summer events... Our family was busy with dance classes, and performances all summer long it seemed like, but the 4 older girls had so much fun doing it, and Aaron & I had a TON of fun watching them perform and have fun.  3 parades, 2 talent shows & huge smiles on their faces! We did manage to squeeze in a few camping trips which are always fun and an adventure with the circus we have. We ended the summer with a fun day trip to Yuba Lake with the Monte family (Aaron's boss) & the kids had a blast! They road the tube on the boat, played in the sand, & beach water, soaked up the last of the sun, & had a great time.  Then a quick day trip to Sevier Co to visit the family.  I got most the day with Grandma Lloyd which as I stated before I didn't plan to spend but more then a hour or so with her, but time seemed to stand still as I was there, and before I knew it 3 hrs had gone by.  I enjoyed the time I got with her, & Savanna made her smile which was great, but hated seeing her in so much pain, tough lady she is!  We need to make more time to get down that way to see everyone.  I feel like my family is MILES away and as much as we see each other you'd think we did live MILES away.  The last of the warm weather fun we took a trip to LAGOON courtesy Lori, Grandma Sandy's friend.  We had a blast!  Its always a hassle getting anywhere with this crew, but once at the destination we always have fun.  Derian and Ash were troopers awaiting their turn to go have fun after spending a few hours doing the "baby rides"  I think dad was just as excited to go do the more exciting rides as the girls were.  Aaron took his two older ones, and went & had fun on the "scary rides".  Sandy & I enjoyed the 3 littler ones on the train and kiddy rides...watching their smiles and giggles was the best!  As always, it ends up being a late night, but so worth it.  The ride home we laughed till our stomach hurt.  Releasing endorphins is good for the soul!
ON to the fall.... we shall see what it brings!
Now, I'm gonna go and mess with the lay out on this blog, and try and look all sophisticated as you all!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Trying this again.....

Well its been over a year sense I updated our blog.... I have felt the desire to get back into it, no its not Facebook, but more intimate for the family, and a closure view into thoughts and doings of our family.
Sense my last posting, Savanna, the baby in that picture is now 17 months old, but the size of a 10mo old, she's full of life and personality, and CURLS! OH MY that baby steals my heart when she smiles.
Kymbree is now almost 5 (Nov 21st, Grandpa Lloyds birthday) A'jaye is now 3, Ashlynn 9, and Derian the tender age of 11. They grow to fast, this I do know, and the years go by so fast.......
My dad always said, "just like that" (while snapping his fingers) I always thought he was nuts for saying that, cause when your a teenager, time drags wish for this and that to come, Well NOW I KNOW what he means....and although I sometimes catch myself hoping and wishing for the day to come that I can take a shower without some little one crying MOMMY, or just being me, dressed in regular clothes, perhaps a shower daily, and without diaper changing 40x's a day....I also know that like that song by Trace Atkins "Your gonna miss this" , I will miss these days, and I tell myself daily to just sit and enjoy the little things in life, don't worry bout the laundry, the dust on the wall, or this or that....just soak up the smiles, the giggles, the playing and reading to my little ones, and snuggles and crinkled up noses of my one yr old....the dust and laundry will always b there, but those moments wont be!
Things remain pretty much stable and the same with us...Aaron is still working HARDER at Central Body Shop, and is in need of his vacation time that he never takes, and I am back to being a stay at home mom that occasionally takes in some extra's. I am currently watching my neighbors young girls. He has one Kymbree's age, and 2 (twins) that are A'jaye's age. He approached me, and I have a lot of respect for him, a single dad of 3 little girls, he has them all the time, the mom has visitation and rarely takes it. He's a great dad trying to just make it in this life, going to school full time and now working full time. He' s a great inspiration. His girls are adorable, and sweet. I don't mind taking them in 5 days a wk from 8-3pm. ALthough I told myself I'd never watch kids again, here I am, still doing it. Its all good, I'm actually making more watching my nephews 2 days a wk, and these girls 5 days a wk then I did at Walmart full time, no sleep and crappy job environment so I won't complain. My girls are entertained with the play time for a good portion of the day, and I make some extra money....whats so bad about that?
COming up, THANKSGIVNG! I LOVE this holiday day. Its my favorite out of all the Holidays. I have to admit I don't like when people dismiss this holiday and skip right to Christmas, I think THANKSGIVING is the MOST important holiday of the year. GIVING thanks to our lives, to God, to our families is far more important in my opinion. Christmas, although I love it, is so commercialized, and about "things" rather then giving. Its hard not to get caught up in the "things" that you give to your kids, but this year we are going to try something different, MORE GIVING of ourselves then getting for ourselves. I have a trip planned to Primary CHildrens, a big day of shopping for the Angel Tree, and a few other things with in our ward I want to do. I think getting away from the "commercialized" I WANT I crucial and a good lesson for my kids to learn, giving of themselves FIRST! My kids don't go without, and I'm grateful for that, I have a husband that is an amazing provider for us, he gives us all we need and more.... its time to give back, and to make this year an experience for my older ones, and an example and tradition for my younger ones.
Ok, pictures to come, new entries to be written....I'm back! YEP, the LONG POSTER, LONG WINED poster is back~

Monday, August 3, 2009

Our blog will remain "Our Lives w/Little girls" lol

Its been so hard to get excited about blogging because I can't share any photo's. Only the stupid CELL PHONE photos. I can't wait to get my driver working again. UGH!
So I ask that you bare with me, I am trying to update my blog and I have SO MUCH to catch up on and I'll try to ad photo's where I can....
So, you all know that we had our 5th, and might I add FINAL daughter/child on June 21, 09, on FATHER'S DAY no less. The best gift that daddy could have gotten! I have to share my birth story and experience with you so just deal with it...if it gets to long, then deal with it! Its my story, so I wanna share it.
Bringing Savanna Vilate was THE BEST experience I could have ever asked for, being my LAST birth experience. Its been hard knowing that this indeed is our last, I have had a harder time with it then I thought I would although I know for sure that our family is complete. I was so ready to have Savanna. I was miserable, and huge, and hot, and swollen, and had NO SLEEP for about 2wks, but the last 3 days before she was born I really had NO sleep. It was wearing on me and I new that it was time.
We were scheduled to go into the hospital at 9am. I got up early around 5am just so I could have some time to myself. I am a very reflective person, and its very calming to me to just sit alone, in a quiet space and reflect. So I got up early to just have my own moment before everything got going. I had my moment alone and the day got started with Father Day wishes to daddy, nothing makes me more happy then seeing all my girls gathered around their daddy with smiles on their faces and Aaron's heart full. Its the best feeling.
My mom & dad showed up right on time at 8:30am. I had asked my dad to give me a blessing before we went to the hospital for this grand event. My dad couldn't have done a better blessing for me. I was already emotional this day, so much happening, so many feelings to deal with, and dad's blessing just eased my mind, and took my anxiety away. I really needed that, and I am so thankful he was able to give me this beautiful gift. I have to say that as he was giving me this blessing, I new right then that I was having another girl. It makes me cry to think about the feelings I was overtaken by, but I could feel Savanna's spirit with me from that moment on. She was defiantly ready herself to come into this world, and she was with me. Aaron and I headed out for the hospital, a long journey right down the road, lol..... he helped me out of the car, and we held hands into the hospital. As we walked down the long hall way of the Women's Center I said to him, " well babe, here we go, OUR LAST and FINAL walk down the hallway to the labor and delivery rooms" He was so scared and nervous I don't think he was enjoying the walk as much as I
We got set up in the room, and I got all hooked up to the stupid monitors and IV's.... they didnt' start pitocen because HELLO..... I was in labor already! Yea I was having some pretty good contractions all on my own. Around 10:30 my Dr, Dr Dewey came in and talked golf with Aaron, and then told me he was going to break my water...."WHAT" I thought we had discussed getting an epidural first...... I new one thing, from past experiences, once my water broke, it brought on PAIN, & lots of it! however, he broke my water and I was fine.... no major or unbearable pain, but then he said to turn on the pitocen and turn it up high.....WHAT??? O goodness.... here we go.
I got very miserable very fast after that. I finally gave up and asked for an epidural around 11:30 or so I dont know really.... I just new it was instant gratification once I got it, and I am forever grateful for the "epidural man" he's the bestest!
I was finally able to focus on who was there, and what was going on, and enjoy this experience. HOwever, I kept getting horrible anxiety and everytime the monitor made a noise I freaked out thinking something was wrong with the baby. We had just a few small scares, but it sent Aaron and I into panic mode. My mom and girls showed up, and as my mom was sitting there talking with me, and by my side, I had a really wierd feeling, they had just checked me and I was at a 5 they figured it would be awhile, so my Dr went on home to wait for the call to come back. I felt really wierd, and some pressure so the nurses came running in, and said they were going to chk me again.....well I was at a 7 and a half at this point. I really was feeling like this baby was coming really soon. just a few minutes later they came back in and checked me and I was ready to happened that fast. Dr Dewey came in, they started getting the bed ready, Dr Dewey told me to push with the contractions I felt, as he was getting himself ready for the delivery, I pushed twice while Aaron helped me, and Dr Dewey walked over took his position, told me to push, I did that twice, and there she was..... Aaron just was soooo relieved that he didn't have to watch me go through the hell I went through with A'jaye. We just cried together feeling so relieved that it was over, and we had NO trouble. I watched Aaron take our baby girl over to the scales, and he just had this look on his face that told me he felt so PROUD, and so blessed. SHe had so much dark hair, and olive skin tone, she was just beautiful.
THE CUTEST THING though that I remember from her birth was my 3 girls, Derian, Ashlynn and Kymbree standing behind the curtain awaiting the birth of their brother or sister and Kymbree hearing the first cry's from baby Savanna and her cute little excited squeel .....she just was sooo excited to hear that baby cry, and it was the sweetest sound! I could hear them all..."its a girl, really its a girl"
I have to say that not knowing what this baby was, was truly the best experience we've had. It brought a sense of excitement to the delivery and to the pregnancy. I would do that again in a heartbeat! Although I new in my heart after dad's blessing that we were having another girl, it was still exciting.
After all the excitment of the easy delilvery the wrapped her up and brought her over to me, gosh there's nothing better then holding your newborn that you worked so hard to bring into the world. Its a mother's best accomplishment in my opinion. Aaron took her, and was holding her, all the girls gathered around their dad and baby sister, and I looked over and tears filled my eyes as I looked at Aaorn with all his girls, gosh how did he become so blessed? We chuckle and tease that God is punishing him, or that he's dumed with all these girls..... but the man couldn't be prouder of all these girls. I just hugged him tight after everyone left and told him that God gave him a job in this life, and he new that he was the man for the job, he's the best daddy to little girls, and he won't fail them. It takes a special dad to be a daddy to little girls, and he does an amazing job with them.
SO, thats my birth story.... SO EASY! I felt great afterwards and was ready to go home THE NEXT MORNING! but I stayed even though I didn't want to. When I was released and ready to go, the nurse came in only to tell me that our baby couldn't go home just yet. SHe had tested positive for Kooms disease which is just a bad case of jaundice so she had to go under the lights and stay under the lights for at least 24hrs. I made the decision to go home anyhow and just come and feed her and hold her as much as I could. I wasn't getting any rest at the hospital and was just ready to go home. I wouldn't be able to hold her that much anyhow, so I went home. I made a trip in every 3hrs to hold her, and feed her. It was tough not being able to bring her home with us right away, but we new she had to get better. SHe did well, and was home on Wednesday night.
The first days with her home were tough. She cried a lot due to the jaundice. I dont know how we made it though those first few days. There's NO WAY I could've done it with all my girls home I know that. I am so thankful for my parents taking the girls all that week. It was truly the best gift EVER. Although I missed them dearly, the time with Savanna was very much needed.
We survived the first wk of her being with us. Time flies by it seems. I dont want her to get any bigger. I am trying to enjoy her being a newborn because this is my last baby. Everyday I enjoy with her, and I savor it all! They change so fast that you can't keep up it seems.
WE love her so much.... she is such a blessing to our family and a perfect ending to our baby days.....
Ok....fam I promise I'll do better w/the blog, I tell ya, if you want updates, facebook is where to get them...its faster, and simple and quick. I can update, there and all I have is a few minutes each time I sit down....but I still love to blog, and I will do my best to keep it up, its just harder now days..... stay patient with me, I'll get back to normal some day. Love ya all
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Friday, June 5, 2009

Life has been hectic....

Ok, well.... I know I haven't been blogging lately, but I love Facebook more now. lol JK, I haven't been able to get any new pics on my computer so its hard to want to blog when you can't share photos of any of the fun stuff we've been doing.
We've done a few fun things too. We took the kids fishing and on a picnic which was just fun. We didn't go far, just down to Salem ponds, and the only thing we caught was a snapping turtle, but hey the kids had fun the rest of the day playing with this turtle, and begging us to keep it. We broke their hearts and had to tell them NO.... their dirty, stinky and THEY BITE! GEEZ! I'd have to worry about the turtle taking off a finger or something, NO THANX!
We bbq'd our favorite hamburgers for everyone and of course they were a hit, like always. Aaron is getting pretty dang good on that grill, and he loves coming up with new things, and new ways to bbq things. I love summer time cuz he cooks alot.
What else has been going on..... Aaron and the girls have a Sunday morning tradition lately. They get up and go for the "T" time on the golf course. They have so much fun too, and I love that they spend time together doing something fun that they all love to do. I guess I shouldn't say Aaron and the girls, cuz that sounds like Aaron and ALL the girls, NOPE.....he just takes the older two and that's ok, cuz they don't get a whole lot of time alone with their daddy, and they miss that sometimes. They come back all laughing together and talking about their crashing the golf cart, and daddy missing the ball... and all the awesome deer they spotted along the way. I really love it that they have fun together. I love that they spend time like that with their dad. The last two Sundays they haven't made it home in time for primary but u know what, that's ok. Family time is good time too. In fact last Sunday, they were gone from 11am and didn't get home till nearly 5pm. They did the entire 18 hole coarse and spent so much down time spotting the deer, and bunny rabbits, and wrecking the golf cart that it took forever! but they had an awesome time.
The kids got out of school and this was their first week home. I have to say that its SOOO Nice to have them here with me. My days are so much better with them all here. The older two have helped out so much entertaining the little ones. Plus they have helped me with daily chores, which has been nice. & they've had time to have some fun too, cuz they are kids, and not child slaves, lol.
Derian has spent alot of time out with her friend Ashley. She lives on a farm sorta, and they have so much fun out there. She told me it reminds her of Redmond. Ashlynn has also been spending alot of time with her friend Maggie doing sleepover's and play days. They have so much fun together. My kids have fabulous friends and that's nice for me not having to worry about who they are hanging out with. I think its going to be an amazing summer. I already have the kids on a routine, and we've stuck to it almost everyday, and it just makes things go more smoothly. We all get up get some breakfast, and get after our chores, and laundry, I've made a deal with them that they help me out till after lunch and then the day is theirs to do what they want with in reason of course, lol. Its worked out nicely, and we all seem to be in a better mood this way. I think we'll stick to it.
We recently went down to Aurora for a Lloyd Family reunion. WOW! It was sure nice to see everyone. I just kept looking at all the family thinking, what a legacy my grandparents have started, and it continues. I kept thinking about Grandpa Lloyd and how I'm sure he was looken down on all of us, with the proud face on. It sorta brought a tear to my eye as we were all gathered around the tables getten ready to surprise Grandma, she walked in and we all yelled SURPRISE.... just looking at her, I could almost see my Grandpa Lloyd next to her, walking along side her. It made me miss him.... but i know he was with us that day, and he was just as proud as ever of his family.
It was nice to see everyone. Its to bad we don't get together more often then every 15yrs or so, lol.
Well, baby is due in 11 days, or rather, not due, but is coming in 11 days regardless of whether it wants to or not. I'm having mixed feelings about it all. I go through periods that I'm excited and anxious to hold my baby and have him/her in my arms but at the same time I am scarred to death to go through it all to get this baby here. With my bad experience with A'jaye from beginning to end, I worry about it all happening again. My epidural was painful, the IV was painful, the labor was painful and scary it makes me all apprehensive. Also, I am uptight about having 5 kids, and having these last 3 so close together. I struggle so much with Kymbree and A'jaye to the point of tears some days & now I have to add another. I took the kids to the pool a couple days ago for the first time. I love going to the pool, last year we had so much fun going, and Payson has a nice facility. However, going with 2 toddlers this year instead of one, all I did was chase Kymbree and A'jaye and if one wasn't crying the other one was, and if the other wasn't running off, the other one was. I was going crazy trying to keep up with the two little ones, how the hell will I do 3 of them. I had promised the girls we'd go to the pool alot this summer cuz we all love it so much, but I'm thinking twice about that now. I hate putting some of the load on my older two, but they are so good to pitch in with out me asking. Ashlynn was so good to help me out on the way out to the car, it just made me cry, that she just took that initiative and helped me cuz she new I was so tired. I just looked at her and felt so sad that I don't have more time to give to each one of them like I want too. Someone always gets shortchanged, and its usually my older two. I had a good meltdown that night, and Aaron had to listen to me boob for ahour but I felt better.... lol. I guess I'll figure it out and do what I have to do. I don't ever remember it being this hard when Derian & Ashlynn were little I guess that proves the differences in personalities. Kymbree is just the cutest kid ever, she makes us laugh, but she also makes us cry, ALL OF US! She's just full of life....& sometimes its not so fun.
Despite how crazy I am feeling about having 5 kids to care for I do feel like all my kids are blessings, and meant to be apart of our lives and somehow Aaron and I will find the time to give them each what they need I hope. We are truly blessed with amazing kids, and each one brings a special gift to our family. YES they make me nuts, but I love them more then anything!

Sorry there's no pictures, but we'll get some up at some point. I don't know that I'll blog again before baby comes we'll save it for when baby comes.... SO until next time....

Oh wait....I do have to add that we went to the Hogle Zoo this past weekend with Aaron's sister Chrissy and her 3 awesome kids, and Grandma Sandy. I have to be honest, I really didn't want to go, I was fighting it, and trying to find an excuse to not go (sorry guys...) I just wasn't in the mood for the heat, the crowd, the walking, the dragging 4 kids out, but we went, & I have to tell you I am so glad I did. It was just a great day out with the kids and their cousins. The weather couldn't have been better, the crowd wasn't that bad, & the company was even better. A'jaye was so fun to watch as she squealed at the monkey's swinging towards her, and she'd get so excited to see all the animals. Kymbree was on good behavior and Grandma Sandy kept check on her for me (maybe that is why she was behaving well....she seems to be good for other ppl) . It was just a lot of fun, and I am so glad the kids got to spend some time together. Thanks Chrissy and Sandy for an awesome day out.... I am really glad we went.

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Mother's Day Tribute.....

Oh my goodness. Aaron and I are extremely blessed when it comes to the Mother's in our life. Not only do we have my mom, his mom but we also are very blessed with a wonderful 3rd mom too. I guess most would technically call her Step Mom but I never liked that term so we just call her mom too. We also have been blessed with grandma's that are a great gift to us.
There are a lot of wonderful women on both of our family sides and we are so grateful for each and every one of them.

I could talk about all of them, right down to the great grandma's and many aunts we have, but I am going to keep it at the Mom's for this......

I'll start with Susan. She came into Kurt's life when Ashlynn was just a baby or at least that is when they started dating I guess. She was a co-worker of his for years. I liked her instantly & so did Aaron. They got married, and had a fun wedding. Her and Kurt are just a blast to be around. We always have an amazing time when we are with them. Susan has got Kurt involved with all his kids & she LOVES to have family get togethers and have us visit them. She is so caring and we always have an email or we get a phone call to see how we are and how the kids are. Susan has a kind heart, and a caring heart, and a nurturing nature. She makes us laugh with all her funny "kid" comments and the kids laugh too, cuz they know Grandma really wouldn't duct tape them to a chair...haha. My kids took to her really fast, and love her so much. When she married Kurt, she not only took on a husband but she also took on an entire family of kids and grandkids, and she has loved us and cared for us all as if she was always there. That is something I really admire about her. She really cares about all of us. Thanks Susan for all you do for our family, and the love and support you've given us. We love you!
Aarons mom Sandy is another great inspiration to our family. Aaron has a lot of respect and love for his mom and she has made him a man that I love beyond measure. Sandy is like another mom to me, I've had her apart of my life now for half my life so of course I also have a lot of respect and love for her as a mom, a mother in law, and a friend. She loves us, and cares a great deal for us and has given us alot of support over the years. She loves her grand girls...right down to our dog zoey...she even calls her her grand-dogdaughter, lol. The girls adore her & love her so much & so do we!
Thanx mom for all your love & support thru out our lives, now and in the past! You've always been there for us in our good times and our bad, and we appreciate you! We love & respect the women you are & our very proud your our mom! From a daughter in law to her Mother in law THANK YOU for bringing up a son that I love & respect and whom takes care of his family as he does. Thank you for being a supportive Mom in law and being there for me. I see you as a mother, not a mother in law, and you are also a very close friend too! WE LOVE YOU!

TO my mom..... This one is a little bit special to me, as it should, she is my mother, she gave birth to me, raised me and has been there for me all my life & now she is there for not only me but her grand-daughters, and son in law. Mom, your not only my mother whom I respect as such but you are one of my best friends. You are a friend that I want to call when something exciting, sad, stressful, bad, happy happens to me. I love our talks & I miss that we dont do that as much anymore. I know life gets in the way, but there isn't a day that goes by that I dont think of you at least a handful of times even if I dont talk to you. You've done so much to help my family, which in turn helps me thru out the years of my life & I honestly don't know how I'd get thru most of it w/out you! Your a strong women, a caring women, a giving women. You give of yourself even when you dont have the strength to do so. You love your family, your kids with all your heart, and it shows in your actions, words & thoughts everyday. My girls adore you & love to visit with you.
You've made my life a better world & I can never repay you for that. Its such a blessing and a comfort just to know that if I need you to fall back on you are there. As I've mentioned MANY times just having you in the area calms me down.... I know you havent been in the room with me during each birth I've given but seeing your hands on the door, or knowing your htere by the door makes me feel better, it brings a calming to my soul that only a mother can bring. THANK YOU for being there, THANK YOU for all you've done in my life. I love you beyond measure.

As I've said, Aaron and I are so blessed with many great women in our life & THANK YOU for being such wonderful blessings to us & our children!!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Gosh, its been a busy two months with all these birthdays we've had recently, but birthdays are a time to tell a person in your life how important they are to you& thats always a fun thing to do.
My blog lately has been all birthday posts, but as I mentioned they are fun to post. We just had Grandpa Lloyd's birthday, now we have Grandpa Keith's birthday! The girls had fun talking back and forth about fun memories of their grandpa's. Here are some of their responses about Grandpa Keith and what he means to them.....

Derian: " Its fun to go to Grandpa Keiths, & when he takes us down to the horses its so much fun!
Ashlynn: "Grandpa makes yummy breakfast for us, & I like to spend time with him at the horses"
Kymbree: Papa has a playhouse & sand....him let us play on them"
A'jaye: well, she's a baby, and doesn't talk much, but as I've menitoned before, she's such a grandpa's girl, she always has a great time tearing up Grandpa's magazines, or clearing the cofeee table, grandpa's so good to just let her do her thing, it cleans up......

Some of Aaron and I's thoughts on Dad......
Aaron's dad is always willing to help us out when we need, it doesn't matter how big the task, or how small, we know we can always rely on him for help. The love he has for his grandkids is evident whenever they are around him. He showers them with hugs & attention & loves to visit with the older ones.
He wont admit it much, but he's sort of a big teady bear when it comes to those little ones & loves the slobber kisses, they give him.
He enjoys very much when we come to visit & stay for the night or weekend, it doesn't happen a lot just cause its so hard to travel with 4, soon to be 5 kids but you can tell he's just thrilled to have us around.
He's very proud of his family, his kids and grandkids. He supports all his kids, and grandkids in every thing they do. He loves to watch the grandkids have fun whether at his house or in any activity they might be involved in.

A story I remember about Keith is when he bought us all circus tickets & we all went as a family to the circus, all of us were there except for Jeremy, Chrissy's husband. All the grandkids were there though which was the most important part. We decided to ride the Tram downtown just so we wouldn't have to fight traffic or parking & it let us off right by the Delta Center. It was raining so hard that day, so here we all are running with kids in tote, bags, diapers, binkies, strollers the whole nine yards to thr tram. He was buying us all tickets to get on the train while we stood in line to get on. Well it took awhile for the tokens to be gotten, so Michael and I were holding the door for Dad so it wouldn't close and leave him there..... it kept yellling at us to get outta the doorway, loud, louder, VERY LOUD, lol....we all got on that tram, soaking wet and kids crying he barely made it on the train & he stayed so calm even with everyone just frustrated with being wet, kids crying.... I think we all looked like the circus ourselves. LOL!
We had a great time that day even though it was quite the event to get us all there, together, and kids happy. When we left our seats to leave, it looked like a bomb had gone off with spilt cherry slushi's, and popcorn, & candy all over the floor, sticky kids, and sleepy tired kids. then we decided to torture ourselves even more & go out to eat at a restraunt together, as if the circus wasn't enough. WE had a chance to sit at the table and just visit and laugh, and it was a great time being all together and doing something that was fun. The grandkids one by one went and gave hugs to papa and thanked him for the day at the circus. You could see the look of joy and love in Papa's eyes. It made him happy, I could tell to put a smile on their faces.

Aaron and appreciate you, Dad for your love and support. we hope you had a fabulous day on your birthday & we love you!